Experience Romania

Organized Activities and Excursions (all included in the Conference Fee)

A selection of very attractive activities and trips has been arranged for ETIMM International Conference participantcecs

1. Activities:

– Gala dinner and an exclusive Romanian folkloric program (September 28th)

– Panoramic Bucharest city tour with an English-speaking guide (September 29th)

– Authors’ Networking and Collaboration Meeting (September 29th)vict

– Romanian craft beer tasting experience with an expert beer brewer and an interactive program for all participants (September 29th)

You’ll take a panoramic tour of the most important attractions of Bucharest and areas of the city such as The Arch of TriumphVictory SquareThe Royal Palace (nowadays the seat of The National Art Museum), Romanian AtheneumRevolution SquareVictoriei Avenue, Union Square. You'll have the chance to admire the Parliament Palace, a "giant" built during the Golden Age ofparl the communist totalitarian regime started at the idea of a leader for whom the notion of "reasonable size" did not exist- Nicolae Ceausescu. The Guiness Book of World Records lists this building as the heaviest building in the world. It is constructed from 700,000 tons (1.5 billion lb) of steel and bronze combined with 1 million m³ (35.3 million ft³) of marble, 3,500 tons (7.7 million lb) of crystal glass and 900,000 m³ (31.7 million ft³) of wood.


2. Day Trip to Bran and Braşov (beautiful route through the Carpathian Mountains – Prahova Valley) – September 30th

– Braşov city center tour with an English-speaking guide

– Bran Castel (Dracula's Castle)  tour with an English-speaking guide

– Lunch in a picturesque location in Bran 

– Visit to the Rhein Azuga Wine Cellars (supplied the Romanian Royal Court ) and sparkling wine tasting experience

* Please note that the day trip to Bran and Braşov has limited capacity and is expected to be filled fast, hence, it is recommended to book your tour as soon as possible.  

The Bran Castle has become a destination for over 500,000 visitors each year who can delight in countless activities such as music festivals, children's pageants, and food fairs. Recognizing that Bran was the inspiration for Dracula's Castle in the Bram Stoker's celebrated novel, "Dracula", visitors can enjoy rooms dedicated to Transylvania's most famous count… and, in the coming months, dine in Queen Marie's Tea House and ride a glass elevator to experience "Dracula's escape route".

We invite you to experience the history, the myth, the intrigue and the magic of this wonderful place and its Queen. We hope that you will carry the spirit that makes us love the Bran Castle with you, always.