Registration form

In order to register for the ETIMM Conference 2021,  please fill out this Registration Form and send it in a Word format (.docx) by email to along with the proof of payment, until June 15th, 2021.

The Conference fee includes:

  • Article presentation;
  • Article publishing in the conference journal “Emerging Trends in Marketing and Management”ISSN 2537-5865, indexed in international databases
  • Virtual certificate of attendance (only for attending participants)
  • Workshop attendance

Participation fee

Early Bird Registration
February 1st – May 25th  2021

(including VAT)

Regular Registration
May 26th  – June 15th 2021

(including VAT)

Virtual Presentation 230 Euro/Article 250 Euro/Article
Doctoral students fee  – virtual presentation
(for single author papers only)
180 Euro/Article 205 Euro/Article



The payment will be made by bank transfer or online via “3-D Secure” credit card until June 15th, 2021, after receiving the article acceptance notification.

Payments in RON will be made at the National Bank of Romania exchange rate valid on the day of the transfer. Authors are required to specify the Paper ID, received in the paper acceptance notification, within the bank transfer details.

Bank Transfer

The necessary data for payment is:

Beneficiary Name: Asociatia de Marketing a Studentilor

Beneficiary Address: Strada Pictor Stefan Dumitrescu, Nr. 65, Sector 4, Bucuresti, Romania.
Payment Accounts: RO72INGB0000999909325777 (EURO)
                                RO61INGB0000999909285720 (RON)
Bank: ING Bank Bucuresti Centrala, Bd. Iancu de Hunedoara nr. 48, Sector 1, 011745 Bucuresti, Romania.


Online via credit card through (Visa/Maestro/Mastercard)

If you have chosen the “Online via credit card” payment method, it will be necessary to fill a form with your card details in the secured page of the online payments’ processor.

– The payments made using credit cards issued under the Visa and Mastercard badge (Visa/Visa Electron and Mastercard/Maestro) are made through the “3-D Secure” system developed by the entities that assure to the online transactions the same security level as for the ones made at the ATMs or at POS, to the merchant.

– “3-D Secure” assures the credit card owner that no information about the credit card is transferred or stored on the shop servers or on the payments processor servers, these data being directly introduced in the Visa and Mastercard systems.

Good to know! – there is no additional charge for the payments made via credit cards!

Proceed with online “3-D Secure” credit card payment

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